Wedding Photography

wedding photography

The Wedding Photography is a serious matter, though misunderstood. If you think a little better, the wedding photographer is one of the professionals who actually work on your wedding day and offer perhaps the only real and unshakeable keepsake of your wedding. So it is not only the product that he "sells". It's not only the pictures that you "buy".

The photographer "sells" and you "buy" his point of view, the point of view of his soul...

Through the wedding photography, the feelings, the atmosphere and important details are captured not only of the couple, but also of the friends and relatives who lovingly attend the church on the wedding day. Small but important details are captured by the preparation of the bride and groom, the teasing, the laughter, the agony of the preparation, the emotion of the parents. While not the smallest detail is missing, from the bridal shoes and the wedding dress, to the make-up process and the dressing of the groom by his friends!

The mystery is the central element of the photography, capturing both the process of the mystery and the feelings of the couple, relatives and friends throughout, culminating in Isaiah's dance! After the mystery that the couple has relaxed and the agony has passed, it is the ideal time to photograph the couple, the decoration and the tables and of course the reception, from the first dance of the newlyweds to the party!

wedding photographer
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